Machine Learning with TensorFlow - Free Course

ML with TensorFlow

Gain a strong understanding of Deep Learning and AI using TensorFlow through this free course by experts.

The training focuses on teaching you all the basics involved in Machine Learning with TensorFlow frameworks. Gain a strong base in key machine learning concepts to get ready for taking up advanced level AI and ML training. Additionally, get a completion certificate in ML with TensorFlow from Intellipaat to boost your ML career.

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This course includes:

  • 4 Hours of Self Paced Learning
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Certification and Lifetime Access
  • Enroll now and get certified

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About the Course

ML with TensorFlow skills you will learn

Deep learning




Neural Network

Multi-layer perceptron

Course Curriculum

Machine Learning with TensorFlow Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to Deep Learning and AI
Module 2 – Jupyter
Module 3 – Tensor flow Hardware and Software Requirements
Module 4 – Tensorflow and Keras Introduction
Module 5 – Tensorflow
Module 6 – Tensorflow Data Type
Module 7 – Neural Network
Module 8 – Multi-layer Perception
Module 9 – Tensorflow MNIST
Module 10 – Image Resizing and Cropping

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Career Transition

57% Average Salary Hike

$1,14,000 Highest Salary

12000+ Career Transitions

400+ Hiring Partners

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Why should I learn Machine Learning with TensorFlow from Intellipaat?

Intellipaat is ranked among the top 5 training providers in the country by India Today. This machine learning course has been carefully designed to help our learners get familiar with fundamentals of Machine Learning such as Deep Learning, etc. through TensorFlow frameworks. Due care has been taken to include all the necessary topics so that you don’t face difficulties while undergoing advanced level training in ML with TensorFlow. Also, Intellipaat’s certification carries weightage across 500+ organizations.

Who are the instructors for this course and how are they selected?

Intellipaat selects subject matter experts from top MNCs, who have at least 8 to 12 years of experience in the Machine Learning and AI domains as instructors. They are qualified instructors for Machine Learning with TensorFlow certification training and are selected after going through our rigorous selection process and proving their capabilities.

There are no prerequisites as such to learn Machine Learning with TensorFlow. However, we suggest you have prior knowledge in statistics and quantitative techniques.

There is no pre-decided or justified  timeframe to become a ML professional with TensorFlow skills. The time taken basically depends on your grasping level and the depth of prior knowledge in statistical analysis and quantitative techniques.

Post successful completion of this course, you can move on to advanced level courses by Intellipaat like Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence course online , Machine Learning Certification, PG Certification in Data Science and ML, and others.

Machine Learning can be learned by anybody having an interest in it. However, the following individuals are best benefited by learning Machine Learning:

  • Business Analysts
  • Data enthusiasts and Data Analysts
  • Students/fresh graduates aspiring to become Machine Learning Engineers
  • Managers
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