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MS Excel Complete Course

This self-paced course will help you hone your skills in MS Excel

This MS Excel course will help you acquire a comprehensive understanding of MS Excel as a tool and explore its numerous features and functions like sort, filter, import, etc. You will be able to make use of MS Excel for the tracking and management of data-driven projects, which is essential in the IT industry.

This course includes:

  • 15 Hours of self paced learning
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Lifetime Access
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About Course

MS Excel skills you will learn

Data Sorting

Data Filtering

Chart Creation

Various Techniques of Charting

Pivot Tables in Excel

IF condition

Data Analysis


Logical Functions


Course Curriculum

Entering Data

Introduction to Excel spreadsheet, learning to enter data, filling of series and custom fill list, editing and deleting fields.

Referencing in Formulas

Learning about relative and absolute referencing, the concept of relative formulae, the issues in relative formulae, creating of absolute and mixed references and various other formulae.

Creating names range, using names in new formulae, working with the name box, selecting range, names from a selection, pasting names in formulae, selecting names and working with Name Manager.

Various logical functions in Excel, the If function for calculating values and displaying text, nested If functions, VLookUp and IFError functions.

Learning about conditional formatting, the options for formatting cells, various operations with icon sets, data bars and color scales, creating and modifying Sparklines.

Introduction to dynamic table in Excel, data conversion, table conversion, tables for charts and VLOOKUP.

Sorting in Excel, various types of sorting including, alphabetical, numerical, row, multiple column, working with paste special, hyperlinking and using subtotal.

The concept of data filtering, understanding compound filter and its creation, removing of filter, using custom filter and multiple value filters, working with wildcards.

Creation of Charts in Excel, performing operations in embedded chart, modifying, resizing, and dragging of chart.

Introduction to the various types of charting techniques, creating titles for charts, axes, learning about data labels, displaying data tables, modifying axes, displaying gridlines and inserting trendlines, textbox insertion in a chart, creating a 2-axis chart, creating combination chart.

The concept of Pivot tables in Excel, report filtering, shell creation, working with Pivot for calculations, formatting of reports, dynamic range assigning, the slicers and creating of slicers.

Data and file security in Excel, protecting row, column, and cell, the different safeguarding techniques.

Learning about VBA macros in Excel, executing macros in Excel, the macro shortcuts, applications, the concept of relative reference in macros.

Learning how the If condition works and knowing how to apply it in various scenarios, working with multiple Ifs in Macro.

Learning to create Dashboards, the various rules to follow while creating Dashboards, creation of dynamic dashboards, knowing what is data layout, introduction to thermometer chart and its creation, how to use alerts in the Dashboard setup.

Understanding data quality issues in Excel, linking of data, consolidating and merging data, working with dashboards for Excel Pivot Tables.

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Career Transition

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$1,10,000 Highest Salary

1200+ Career Transitions

400+ Hiring Partners

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Why should you take up this MS Excel training course?

Here is why you should consider signing up for this self-paced Excel training:

  • Microsoft Excel has a leading market share with over 750 million users worldwide – comScore
  • Excel is indispensable to various sectors like finance, sales, marketing, HR, and others
  • Deep Excel expertise is a much sought-after skill around the world

Microsoft Excel is being used by almost all companies today. By taking this training course, you will be able to work effortlessly with data related to finance, accounting, statistics, or sales and marketing. You will be able to process data and gain valuable insights using various formulae, functions, graphs, and charts. Learning Excel skills can be an added advantage and help you receive better job opportunities.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this Excel course online?

There are no prerequisites to sign up for this online MS Excel course. All you need is a good internet connection, and you are good to go!

Anyone who wants to start off in the domain of spreadsheets, primarily Excel can apply for this course. This course will help you quickly familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of MS Excel.

After going through this Excel course, you will understand:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Referencing in Formulas
  • Formatting
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Charts
  • Ensuring Security
  • Pivot Tables
  • Functions
  • VBA Macros
  • Dashboard
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