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For anyone interested in music and artificial intelligence:

Do you know of any music-composing algorithm that produces interesting, fun or intelligent music? And not something sounding like random noise.

(Previous, too broad question:)

What are some state of the art (very good, non-boring) music composition algorithms, software, researches that you have heard of? Feel free to post any interesting links about this subject.

P.S. I don't mean programs that assist you at playing, but primarily anything that can compose melody by itself (or with little assistance).

OR: Analyses existing music pieces and tells how much it likes them :)

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A good place to start would be with his aptly named book, The Algorithmic Composer, which covers much of his approach and provides most of the software he has written for his work.

Though not particularly algorithmic composition another invaluable resource is David Temperley's book, The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures, which provides quite a few models begging to be implemented.

Those two alone a pretty time consuming for anyone with an interest in that they are concrete enough that experimenting along the way is inevitable.

Here are Six Techniques for Algorithmic Music Composition

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