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I'm looking for a way to determine whether a picture is explicit (is Safe For Work ) or not.

I am currently looking for an API that is capable of doing it, but so far I didn't have any success.

One of the ideas I had was to use the google search API and provide a URL to a picture, and looking whether or not it is in the results when SafeSearch is enabled, but it will fail on a picture that was added before the crawler got to it.

Alternatively, I'm looking for pointers regarding what to look for in an image to determine how SFW it is. Any suggestions regarding shapes, colors or patterns?

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Filtering images with adult-rated content is very important for searching principal Internet browser programs to avoid offensive content. Nowadays there are some techniques to stop pornographic images on computers, such as blocking unwanted sites or identifying images that show explicit content. Some programs in the international market allow preventing those sites on the Internet with assault or explicit content such as CyberPatrol, ContentProtect, NetNanny, and K9 Web Protection. 

In this article, a new algorithm is introduced to detect explicit images is proposed. It is based on Computer Vision algorithms and pattern recognition techniques. In the first step, the images are changed from the color model to discriminate objects in the image of no interest. In the next part of the proposed system, the image is filtered using skin detection, to segment a person or people within the image. Later we can estimate the probability of the image as an image with explicit content, by counting all pixels with some skin tone.

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