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I am trying hard but still, I have not found a very basic tutorial from where I can start with Metaheuristics and optimization problems. I have seen many books but they are full of Maths. I know that eventually, I have to do that but if at least i have one simple example running before me, then I can get some confidence rather than reading books and have nothing practical in front of me.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial where someone has described a small problem and then he discusses its solution with heuristics so that I know how practical it is applied?

I don't want anyone to write code for me but any tutorial out there which can help me in writing code for those heuristics

If it's done in any programming language then it's good but otherwise, I will be happy to see how the algorithms solve a particular problem.

I know there are many algorithms but i don't know where to start so any optimization algorithm will be fine as long as I understand how it works so then I can proceed further

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There's a visual explanation of heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms in the following link:

For example:

enter image description here

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