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I am a building engineer in my current position but I dabble in applying AI techniques to improve our capabilities. What I am interested in is how your teams use AI Techniques (Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Bayesian Classification, or Neural Networks) in real life. I am looking for ideas on other ways of improving our processes and fun projects to start.

Examples of things I have tried:

  • Naive Bayesian classifier for automatically assigning class labels (misdemeanor, felony, traffic violation) to the free-form text entered by court reporters.

  • Generated team schedule for the year using a genetic algorithm using a fitness function that assigned demerits for any scheduling conflicts, over/under allocation of team members, holidays, and personal time off.

  • Binary associative memory for quickly querying environment configuration information for all applications deployed to all environments; including URLs, ports, source control location, environment, server, os, etc

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As far as its uses go, AI is potentially boundless. Though, AI has been leveraged for a variety of industries and purposes.

Here are some list of applications:

  1. Optical character recognition.

  2. Handwriting recognition.

  3. Speech recognition.

  4. face recognition.

  5. Artificial creativity.

  6. Computer vision, virtual reality, and image processing.

  7. Photo and video manipulation.

  8. Diagnosis (artificial intelligence)

For more information regarding the same, refer to the following link:

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