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Will China lead the world in artificial intelligence?

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Yes, China is likely to drive the world in artificial intelligence (AI). 

The reason for its top-notch performance in AI is simple that is Data.

Data is the key input into AI algorithms and China is quickly developing advantages in the data-collection area:

Quantity of Data: Over the last five years, China has digitized its economy and today produces an immense amount of data that can be fed into AI algorithms. 

Quality of Data: It is not just the quantity of data that is important, but quality as well — and China’s data is of the highest quality. By “high-quality” I mean that the data is actionable, as opposed to just being noise. For example, in China data is much more attributable to real, verified users as opposed to anonymous identities. [1]

Centralization & Sharing of Data: Data collection is more centralized and concentrated in China with a handful of companies dominating the major data-collection sources (e.g. Ant/Tencent with transaction data). Fewer restrictions on privacy allow data to be more easily shared and pooled together (e.g. medical records).

If you want to gain more knowledge then go through this video tutorial:

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