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What is Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

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Data Science is the study of structured and unstructured data involving various processes. It allows you to develop methods to store as well as analyze the business data that can help in extracting useful information. Its main aim is to gain valuable insights and information from data. It uses various statistical and mathematical data to record and analyze data to find trends and patterns that can be modified to improve the business. In the healthcare region, data science applications are used to detect diseases like tumors with the help of frameworks such as MapReduce.

Machine Learning allows machines to learn from old data trends and patterns with the help of various algorithms. With the help of this technology, machines gain the ability to improve their working based on experience without explicitly being programmed. The main aim of Machine Learning is to develop algorithms and programs to help these machines to access data and use it to learn on its own. Machine Learning technology is used for image and speech recognition in electronic devices.

Artificial Intelligence helps machines to perform various business processes that previously required human efforts. It uses concepts of Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning in order to simulate human intelligence in machines. It is mainly used to make informed business decisions, handle logical and redundant tasks, and risk analysis. Appleā€™s Siri makes use of this technology in order to provide information to the users.

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