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Can anyone explain the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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Artificial Intelligence is a broad concept, which is used to help machines attain general intelligence that allows them to learn skills automatically. Whereas, Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that uses data to allow machines to learn a particular skill, using some specialized algorithms.

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Artificial Intelligence is considered to the pinnacle of computer science when subsets such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning are applied. These subsets have the ultimate goal of achieving Artificial Intelligence. However, the goal of Machine Learning is to make sure that the machines learn from the data without any explicit programming so as to derive meaningful outputs from them. The key applications of AI are expert systems, voice assistants, and more while the key applications of Machine Learning are recommender systems, search algorithms, suggestion engines, and more. AI is categorized as Weak, General, or Strong AI while Machine learning is based on three methods of learning such as Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning. One advantage of AI is that it can be developed to work efficiently around unstructured data while the machine learning algorithms of today are efficient only when they can handle structured data or semi-structured data in general.

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Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is a broader concept. It enables machines to perform tasks intelligently and without human intervention. Machine Learning is more of an application of Artificial Intelligence, which enables us to give machines access to data and let them learn by themselves.

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