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Can anyone tell me how should I learn Machine Learning as a beginner?

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If you are a beginner and want to learn, I recommend following these steps to learn Machine Learning step by step:

Step 1: Learn a programming language either Python or R programming

Step 2: Learn basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Step 3: Enroll an online course from a reputed institute

Step 4: Learn data pre-processing steps and exploratory data analysis

Step 5: Learn supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms

Step 6: Learn about performance metrics to evaluate the performance of models.

Step 7: Participate in Kaggle Knowledge competition

Step 8: Advanced Machine Learning

Step 9: Participate in mainstream Kaggle Competition

If you are interested to learn Machine Learning from Industry experts, you can sign up this Machine Learning Course by Intellipaat that provides Instructor-led training, hands-on projects, and certification.

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