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What are the different applications of AI?

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No, Google cannot be considered to be an AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is a very big MNC which offers various technology services to common people and businesses. Google uses AI or Artificial Intelligence technologies to extend their already great offerings and services that will empower our lives and will help make all the information organized and easily accessible. And that’s exactly what Google’s mission is; “to make the world’s information organized and easily accessible” This company has been deep into AI, for over several years now, and has gained maximum traction and implemented these successful ventures to further fuel the growth of their services.

Google is on a mission to bring General AI to life and to build Google Brain. As of today, everyone is using Task-specific AI, which is programmed to learn and apply the knowledge it gained to complete a task successfully without any form of human intervention. But General AI will be able to learn by itself, take decisions by itself, and evolve itself, which will completely imitate the human being’s brain. Google implements subsets of AI, like Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, NLP into its services, like Google Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, etc.

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