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Do I need to have CS degree to learn and get a job in AI?

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Computer Science and Mathematics form the base of Artificial Intelligence. There is no better degree than computer science to start off with Artificial Intelligence and Its related fields like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and others.

Artificial Intelligence basically means how you make a machine intelligent. Intelligence here means:

  1. The ability to take decisions.

  2. The ability to prove direct decision.

  3. The ability to identify flaws in the system.

  4. The ability to learn from the external environment

  5. The ability to apply logic as we humans do.

Once the system possesses these mentioned qualities of intelligence you can say that yes a machine is intelligent to some extent.

It involves mathematical concepts of linear algebra and statistics and computer science programming languages which help you in building this intelligent system.

So if you have a degree in Computer Science, you have the following advantages of pursuing your career in Artificial Intelligence:

  1. You are aware of the basics of AI

  2. You must be well versed in any one of the programming languages

  3. Computer Science graduates usually have a good ability to apply logic, so you must be one of them.

  4. Computer Science to consists of various mathematical concepts (though not in detail but yes the basics are covered).

  5. Being a computer science student will help you understand the in-depth details of Artificial Intelligence in a much simpler manner. So this will help you in learning and build AI systems much more quickly.

And lastly, be it any degree if you have the enthusiasm of learning something new and working on it, then you can surely go ahead.

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