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What is AI Operation System? How to build an AIOS?

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AIOS or Artificial Intelligence-based operating System is an OS, that is embedded with AI technologies that will help it self-heal in the event of any errors, or faults, and thus saves on a huge chunk of the human hour, dealing with the issues. The AIOS will feature, perceptive intelligence, context-based search, process parallelization, best memory management, improved security, and all the other AI-enabled features and techniques like digital assistants, voice recognition, security scanning, gesture-based interactions, etc.

Now to build Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS), you need to follow the same approach of building AI models, train the models by training it with huge datasets, make them efficient and error-free with testing, inculcating Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural networks, and NLP, etc. and other fields of Artificial Intelligence, into building the Operating System from scratch.

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