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I want to pursue a career in AI after completing my 12th standard. Please suggest me the best way to proceed.

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It's immeasurable to see that you are wise enough to decide to pursue your career in Artificial Intelligence.


Now as a part of the preparation you will have to get yourself educated for the same. For this, you will have two options.


Getting yourself admitted in an Undergraduate program of B.Tech in Computer Science and then you will have the guidance to know about what programming is all about which is an integral part of AI along with Mathematics which is again used greatly in building algorithms and standards for AI. Keeping in mind that there are many universities that are offering specialized undergraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence, so you can look for that as well.

The second method is the one that will be necessary during your undergraduate and even once you finish it. This is because there are tons and tons of study material regarding these kinds of topics. You can explore youtube videos of AI, machine learning which is the basis of Artificial Intelligence. Lastly, you can get a lot of evidence 

on Quora for getting the knowledge with respect to various topics and doubts.

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