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Could someone tell me how to join Google as a Data Scientist? And could you guide me through the procedures as I am currently a 3rd year student preparing for a career in Data Science?

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Since you are only just starting out, it is highly likely that you might end up working as a Data Analyst first and for a long time. The thing about Data Science is that it requires rigorous training and practice on real-time projects. And Google being Google, will not settle for anything less. So, you should understand that they are the least likely to fall for inexperienced candidates. So, I would highly recommend you to spend as much time on projects as you can and refine your portfolio so that you can showcase all your work when the time comes.  

There are also many blogs that explain the Google interview process for the Data Scientist profile. So, you can go through those to get an idea. Google typically asks for proficiency in a few languages among the following: Python, SQL, R, Julia, Matlab, or Mathematica. You will also do well to familiarize yourself with C++ or Java.

Here is a blog by Intellipaat on How to Pass the Google Data Engineer Certification.

If you haven’t already taken up a certification course, you can enroll in one that also includes intensive work on real-time projects and practical assignments. Intellipaat’s Data Science course ensures rigorous training and covers all the modules that are necessary to cover for any Data Science aspirant. Make sure to reach out to the course advisors to find a training that is suitable for you. The course offers 24/7 online learning support as well as opportunities to work on several real-time projects.

Here is the YouTube playlist by Intellipaat to get you started on your Data Science journey:  

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