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How to pass the Google Data Engineer Certification?

How to pass the Google Data Engineer Certification?

In this blog, you will learn how to pass the Google Data Engineer Certification. You will gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Data Engineer. Further, you will learn about the various skills required in this profession. Moreover, you will understand how and why you should get the Google Cloud Engineer Certification. Finally, you will learn about the various job opportunities and salaries of professionals in this field.

Who is a Data Engineer?

Data Science has created a lot of buzz with the development of automated cars, introducing the concept of tags in pictures in social media, and more. Due to this, ‘Data Scientist’ is one of the most sought-after jobs available today. However, not many people know a lot about Data Engineers. While Data Scientists are extremely good at their jobs, the quality of data they receive has a major effect on their job.

Most organizations store their data in various forms across a number of databases and files. It is Data Engineers who develop pipelines in order to transform this data into a format that can be used by the Data Scientists for further analysis. Both Data Scientists and Data Engineers are equally important, but since they do not work on the end result of the data analysis, Data Engineers are comparatively less known.

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Why should you get a Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification?

Most of the industries today receive a large volume of data on a regular basis. Engineers who are capable of building systems that can handle and make use of this data are highly in demand. Google Cloud offers a platform for you to build these systems. Although you may have prior knowledge and skills that are required to use Google Cloud, without any project experience or certification, it is not easy to demonstrate your skills in a job interview or in front of a client.

On the other hand, if you do not have the necessary skills, then the learning material provided in this Google Cloud Course can help you acquire the required skills and become proficient in building data processing systems on the cloud.

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Skills Required to Become a Google Cloud Data Engineer

Some of the skills required to become a successful Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer (GCP Data Engineer) are as follows:

  • Experience in Python and SQL languages
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms
  • Understanding of Machine Learning (ML) concepts
  • Basics of Java and Scala programming
  • Understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Knowledge of data warehousing and data modeling
Skills to become a Google Cloud Data Engineer

What does a Cloud Data Engineer do?

The major responsibilities of a GCP Data Engineer include:

  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operating them
  • Implementing ML models
  • Ensuring the quality and reliability of solutions

Google Data Engineer Certification Preparation

Skills are not all when it comes to preparing for the Google Cloud Certification. There are various technologies and services that you need to master in order to pass this certification. For GCP Data Engineer Certification preparation, you should:

  • Acquire all the necessary skills to become a Cloud Data Engineer
  • Learn in-depth about the fundamentals of Google Cloud
  • Get expert knowledge in numerous GCP services and products
  • Get hands-on experience in projects using the acquired skills

You can prepare for this certification by signing up for the aforementioned online course offered by Intellipaat. In this certification program, you will learn all the skills and will get opportunities to put them into practice by working on various assignments and projects. This will help you gain experience and also in preparing for the certification exam.

Learn new Technologies

How much does the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification cost?

Intellipaat offers both online training and self-paced training sessions. The cost of online sessions varies from that of the self-paced ones.

Online Training Sessions

Intellipaat’s online Google Cloud training costs US$351. It is led by cloud experts from MNCs in India and the US. This training mode offers interactive live sessions, along with an online platform where you can ask and clear all your queries based on this training course.

Self-paced Training Sessions

The self-paced training sessions, on the other hand, cost US$229. These consist of pre-recorded video sessions. When you have trouble attending live regular lectures or have an issue in catching up, then with the help of these sessions, you can complete the course at your own pace. Moreover, you get access to these sessions throughout your lifetime.

GCP Certified Data Engineer Jobs

Many of you might have a doubt regarding the job opportunities available in this field. You might also wonder, ‘Is Google Data Engineer Certification worth it?’ To find out the answer to this question, let’s first check out the jobs available for you after you gain the GCP certification.

There are various job opportunities available after bagging the Google Data Engineer Certification. According to LinkedIn, there are over 35,000 Data Engineer jobs available in the US. In India alone, there are over 5,000 jobs open in this field.

Some of the most popular job roles available for these Google-certified professionals include:

  • Data Engineer
  • Google Platform Architect
  • GCP Professional
  • Google Cloud Platform Administrator
  • Application Architect
  • Google Cloud Data Engineer Trainer
  • Google Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
GCP Certified Data Engineer Jobs

Various leading organizations that hire these professionals:

  • Netflix
  • Accenture
  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • LinkedIn
  • Deloitte
  • Facebook

So, it is safe to say that there are numerous opportunities available in various enterprises. Evidently, this certification will help you find a lucrative job with a good salary in this field.

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Google Certified Data Engineer Salary

As mentioned above, Google Cloud Data Engineers are highly in demand these days. Moreover, due to the lack of availability, they are paid a good amount of salary. They are among the highest-paid IT professionals in the world.

Google Certified Data Engineer Salary in the US

As per Indeed, the average income of these engineers is about US$127,053 per year with an annual bonus of US$5,000.

Google Certified Data Engineer Salary in India

In India, the average income of these professionals is approximately ₹775,721 per annum. However, based on experience, it may rise to ₹1,996,000 per annum.

In this blog, you have understood how to prepare for the Google Data Engineer Certification. Further, you learned about the various skills required for this certification. You also came across the job opportunities available in this field. So, become a certified Data Engineer by signing up for Intellipaat’s online Google Cloud Training. Here, you will work on projects that enhance your learning experience. After completing the course, you will be awarded the Google Data Engineer Certification. Finally, we will assist you in finding a job through mock interviews, as well as resume preparation.

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