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Can someone tell me how can I become a data scientist if I currently teach Mathematics?

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Since you are already from a Math background, it is easier for you to understand most data science and machine learning algorithms.  But having math knowledge alone cannot get you a job as a data scientist. The field is very amorphous and hard to delineate. What one organization expects from a data scientist differs from another. However, here are some pieces of advice that could help you.

  • Learn to code in Python, R. I cannot emphasize how important are good coding skills for a Data Scientist.
  • Enroll in a good Data science course to get yourself trained and certified.
  • Try to get some Data Science projects completed and if possible, showcase them somewhere to get more suggestions, which you could fix later or update.
  • Join few Kaggle competitions or any competitions related to data science to show case your skills.
  • Follow Data Science and Machine Learning news and blogs regularly and check out the Data Science tutorial and get started in the domain.

Also, check out the following video on the Data Science Online course to get a better understanding.

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