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  • React JS Training Course

    Key Skills – ES6, Babel, Rest and spread operators, generators, React, create-react-app, logical operators and expressions, Component architecture and its significance, set and read states, Validation of props with propTypes, rendering lists, component lifecycle, significance of the default Value prop

    • 32 Hrs Online Class
    • 40 Hrs Projects
    • 24 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 6th Mar 2022 Live Classes: 32 Hrs.
  • Advanced Certification in Full Stack Web Development

    Key Skills – Linux, NoSQL databases, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, PHP, React JS, Node JS, Docker container concepts, CI/CD Pipeline, Big O Notation, CAP, Bootstrap, Responsive design, Django, MERN stack, and MVC, Google Lighthouse

    • 231 Hrs Online Class
    • 300 Hrs Projects
    • 100 Hrs Videos
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 23rd Jan 2022 9 Months
    Advanced Certification