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PG Certification in AI and Machine Learning

This PG course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is curated to upskill you in the field of AI and ML and make you an expert in this popular IT domain. Top faculty from MNIT & Industry experts will help you master the skills required to excel in Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, neural networking, and other concepts in this domain. This course is designed in collaboration with IBM & Microsoft to offer relevant industry experience.

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12 Months


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About Program

Our AI and ML PG course is led by the MNIT, Jaipur faculty in an online instructor-led format to help you master basic and advanced-level skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Key Highlights

500 Hrs of Applied Learning
122 Hrs Self-paced Videos
80+ Live sessions across 12 months
50+ Hrs Project & Exercises
PG Certification by E&ICT Academy, MNIT
3 Guaranteed Interviews & 1:1 Mentor Support
24*7 Support
Executive Alumni Status of E&ICT Academy, MNIT Jaipur
Live classes from MNIT faculty

Free Career Counselling

We are happy to help you 24/7

About E&ICT MNIT, Jaipur

Electronics & ICT Academy MNIT, Jaipur(E&ICT MNIT, Jaipur) is an initiative supported by MeitY, Govt of India. The courses provided by us emphasize bridging the gap between industry demand and academic approach to learning and providing a foundation to build your career in top IT companies.

In this program, you will:

  • Receive PG certificate from E&ICT, MNIT & Intellipaat
  • Alumni status of  E&ICT, MNIT Jaipur
  • Receive live lectures from the MNIT faculty

Key Achievement of MNIT, Jaipur

  • Ranked 35 in NIRF 2020 Ranking among top engineering colleges
  • Ranked 23 by the Week in 2020 for engineering

About IBM & Microsoft

IBM and Microsoft are two of the biggest names and leading innovators when it comes to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools. The course is led by some of the experts who will take you through all the crucial concepts and essential skills required in the domain and get you started on projectsRead More..

Benefits for students from this IBM and Microsoft collaboration:

  • Official study material from Microsoft for SQL certification
  • Industry-recognized IBM certification and SQL certification from Microsoft
  • Access to IBM Watson for hands-on training and practice
  • E-learning course from IBM with exercises

Who Can Apply for the Course?

  • Anyone keen to build a career in Machine Learning and AI
  • Professionals who wish to upgrade their skills
  • Developers aiming to gain expertise in the latest and most popular technologies
  • Software Engineers and Data Analysts
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Engineers who want to move ahead in their career
  • Freshers looking to master AI & ML domains
Who can aaply

What roles can an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Professional play?

AI Expert

Develop strategies on numerous technologies and frameworks and come up with AI-based solutions for various business problems.

Research Engineer

Build robust optimization algorithms for several AI-based applications and services to help the business grow.

Senior Data Scientist

Figure out the various business problems created due to the data and solve those by developing data-based models.

Deep Learning Expert

Build new models with deep learning techniques, optimize and deploy them on GPUs, and implement them in the robotics software of the company.

Machine Learning Expert

Use a varied range of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools to create statistical models using business data.

NLP Engineer

Design, build, and implement NLP algorithms, use semantic modeling, and write scripts for performance analysis.

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Skills to Master

Machine Learning Models

Regressing Modeling

Classification Modeling

Random Forest

Decision Tree Models

K-means Clustering

Times-Series Prediction Model

Deep Learning


Neural Networking





Image Processing

Computer Vision


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Tools to Master

tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop tool-desktop
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Meet Your Mentors


Live Course Self Paced
  • In this module you will master Python concepts and skills required to excel in AI & ML. This includes Python libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, etc., along with Python objects, classes, and more.
  • Introduction to Linux and File Management

2.1 Regression Modeling: Logical and Linear
2.2 Classification Modeling: K-nearest neighbor, Naïve Bayes Theorem, and Support Vector Machines (SVM)
2.3 Random forest and decision tree models
2.4 Use of PCA, k-means clustering, and isolated forests for anomaly detection
2.5 Time-series prediction model and recommendation system
2.6 Selection, evaluation, and interpretation of models

Tools covered

Tools Covered Tools Covered

3.1 Introduction to neural networking
3.2 Backpropagation
3.3 Stochastic gradient descent
3.4 Deep neural networking and its principles
3.5 CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, and MLPs
3.6 GANs and Generative deep learning
3.7 Calculus and linear algebra
3.8 TensorFlow, CuPy, Keras, and PyTorch

Tools covered

Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered

4.1 Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining

  • Introduction NLP & text mining
  • Applications of text mining
  • How NPL works with text mining
  • Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) environment

4.2 Data cleaning and preprocessing

  • Various tokenizers and Tokenization
  • Frequency distribution
  • Stemming, POS tagging, and lemmatization
  • Bigrams, Trigrams, and Ngrams
  • Entity recognition

4.3 Classification of text

  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • Words, term frequency, and count vectorize
  • Inverse document frequency, text conversion, and confusion matrix
  • Naive Bayes Classifier

4.4 Sentence structuring, language modeling, sequence tagging, and sequence tasks

  • Language modeling, sequence tagging, and sequence tasks
  • Predicting sequence of tags
  • Syntax trees
  • Context-free grammar
  • Chunking
  • Automatic paraphrasing of texts

4.5 Vector space models and semantics

  • Distributional semantics
  • Traditional and topic models
  • Tools for sentence and word embeddings

4.6 Dialog systems

  • Introduction to task-oriented dialog systems
  • Natural language understanding
  • Dialog Manager

Tools covered

Tools Covered

5.1 Basics of computer vision and OpenCV
5.2 Use of neural networking for image processing
5.3 Classification and clustering of an image using GANs, multitask classifiers, and k-means
5.4 Detection of object
5.5 Image segmentation
5.6 Computer vision trends

6.1 Development of large-scale AI apps using various tools and techniques
6.2 Build and deploy APIs with FastAPI, Swagger, Paperspace, and Postman
6.3 CI/CD pipeline for model production
6.4 Use of TensorFlow Lite, TensorFlow.js, and Streamlit to package model
6.5 Model production using PyTorch, Spark, and PySpark

Tools covered

Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered

7.1 Data collection from RSSs, web scraping, and APIs
7.2 Data cleaning and transformation for ML systems
7.3 Automatic transformation tools
7.4 SQL and NoSQL databases to deal with large sets of data
7.5 Spark
7.6 Pandas
7.7 SQL and Spark SQL
7.8 ScrappingHub

Tools covered

Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered Tools Covered

Upon completion of the AI and ML course, you can culminate your Machine Learning and AI skills through a real-world industry-based capstone project that aims to make you use all the skills that you have gained in the program.

9.1 Introduction to R
9.2 R packages
9.3 Sorting DataFrame
9.4 Matrices and vectors
9.5 Reading data from external files
9.6 Generating plots
9.7 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
9.8 K-means clustering
9.9 Association rule mining
9.10 Regression in R
9.11 Analyzing relationship with regression
9.12 Advanced regression
9.13 Logistic Regression
9.14 Advanced Logistic Regression
9.15 Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC)
9.16 Kolmogorov-Smirnov chart
9.17 Database connectivity with R
9.18 Integrating R with Hadoop

10.1 Introduction to Git
10.2 Architecture of Git
10.3 Working with remote repositories
10.4 Branching and merging
10.5 Git methodology
10.6 Git plugin with IDE (Eclipse)

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Program Highlights

150 Hours of live training
122 Hours of Self-paced video
232 Hours of Guided projects
24/7 Lifetime support

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The application is free and takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Project Work

Projects will be a part of your PG Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to consolidate your learning. It will ensure that you have real-world experience in Data Science and ML

Peer Learning

Via Intellipaat PeerChat, you can interact with your peers across all classes and batches and even our alumni. Collaborate on projects, share job referrals & interview experiences, compete with the best, make new friends – the possibilities are endless and our community has something for everyone!


Career Services By Intellipaat

Career Services

Career Oriented Sessions

Throughout the course

Over 20+ live interactive sessions with an industry expert to gain knowledge and experience on how to build skills that are expected by hiring managers. These will be guided sessions and that will help you stay on track with your up skilling objective.


Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building

After 70% of course completion

Get assistance in creating a world-class resume & Linkedin Profile from our career services team and learn how to grab the attention of the hiring manager at profile shortlisting stage


Mock Interview Preparation

After 80% of the course completion.

Students will go through a number of mock interviews conducted by technical experts who will then offer tips and constructive feedback for reference and improvement.


1 on 1 Career Mentoring Sessions

After 90% of the course completion

Attend one-on-one sessions with career mentors on how to develop the required skills and attitude to secure a dream job based on a learners’ educational background, past experience, and future career aspirations.


3 Guaranteed Interviews

After 80% of the course completion

Guaranteed 3 job interviews upon submission of projects and assignments. Get interviewed by our 400+ hiring partners.


Exclusive access to Intellipaat Job portal

After 80% of the course completion

Exclusive access to our dedicated job portal and apply for jobs. More than 400 hiring partners’ including top start-ups and product companies hiring our learners. Mentored support on job search and relevant jobs for your career growth.

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Admission Details

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to selected candidates based on the feedback from the interview panel. The selected candidates will be notified over email and phone, and they can block their seats through the payment of the admission fee.

Submit Application

Submit Application

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Application Review

Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application


Application Review

Selected candidates will be notified within 1–2 weeks

Program Fee

Total Admission Fee

$ 1,799

Upcoming Application Deadline 5th Dec 2021

Admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming cohort. Apply early to secure your seat.

Program Cohorts

Next Cohorts

Date Time Batch Type
Program Induction 5th Dec 2021 08:00 PM IST Weekend (Sat-Sun)
Regular Classes 5th Dec 2021 08:00 PM IST Weekend (Sat-Sun)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will conduct this AI and ML PG certification training?

Subject matter experts from MNIT, Jaipur, and specialists from top industries will teach you all the basic and advanced level concepts in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This will make you an expert and help you acquire all the necessary skills to land a high-income job at a reputed organization.

The trainers of this Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence training program go through a rigorous selection process in order to give you the best trainers and learning experience in ML and AI.

The program is conducted in an online format by expert professionals from E&ICT Academy and MNIT, Jaipur.

You will work on numerous industry-grade projects which will substantiate your learning and provide real-world experience.

Once you complete the entire course, you will have the option to receive the status of an Executive Alumni after making a one-time payment of ₹5,000 as an alumni fee, which is not included in the course fee. However, this status is optional.

The entire course will be completed over the span of 9 months wherein you will learn all the courses and successfully complete the projects.

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What is included in this course?

  • Non-biased career guidance
  • Counselling based on your skills and preference
  • No repetitive calls, only as per convenience
  • Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts
  • Complete this program while you work

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