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People says about intellipaat ...
Profile photo of positadima Paschal Ositadima 

Career-oriented Training

Thanks for making this platform available. I hope to bring more people from Nigeria to embrace intellipaat as the bridge to filling the gaps in their career needs.

Mohit Rana 

Good Online Platform

I mastered Hadoop through the Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop online training. Let me frankly tell you that this course is designed in a unique and comprehensive manner that is by far the best. Plus you get loads of free tutorials and video content all along. The entire coursework is easy to understand, very simple language but highly effective from the learner’s point of view. There is a natural flow in the big data Hadoop online training course offered by Intellipaat. This is highly recommended for getting the Hadoop certification.

Profile photo of sai c Sai C 


I completed my DevOps training thanks to Intellipaat. I personally feel that Intellipaat is the right place to embark on a successful DevOps career. I shall definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Rich Baker 

AMAZING Course!!

This Intellipaat Hadoop tutorial has delivered more than what they had promised to me. Since I have undergone previous Hadoop training I am quite familiar with Big Data Hadoop concepts but Intellipaat took it to a different level with their attention to details and Hadoop domain expertise. I recommend this training to everybody. You will learn everything from basic Hadoop concepts to advanced Hadoop technology deployment. I am more than satisfied with this training. Thank you Intellipaat!

Rakesh Chouhan 


A big thank you to the entire Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop Team! You have delivered a great Hadoop online certification training course, with equally informative Hadoop online tutorials, Big Data video tutorials that are absolutely free. Highly experienced and qualified Big Data Hadoop trainers made the learning process completely effortless and enjoyable for me. I am extremely happy for having enrolled for the best Hadoop training!

Profile photo of talomkemet2 talom edgar 

A big thank you

Thanks. Your DevOps training course material is very helpful. I am especially happy to see the kind of in-depth coverage and the comprehensive nature of the course material which is more than enough to gain full proficiency in any subject.

Aravind Kumar 

Thank You

"Dear Team, appreciate your support. Thanks for helping me understand the Currying concept. I really appreciate your interest in resolving the query. My best wishes to the entire Intellipaat Support team."

dumpeti chaitanya kumar 


Thank you for providing the in-depth training. I am glad to say that my learning experience with Intellipaat was more than top-class. It was exceptional. Congrats to you.

Kevin K Wada 


Thank you very much for your top class service provided. A special mention should be made regarding your patience in listening to my query and giving me a solution which was exactly what I was looking for in the first place. I am giving a 10 out of 10!

nilesh patil 


Thank you entire Intellipaat team for quick response. I am more than happy to rank your service a 10 out of 10. You made it really worthwhile to me.


quickly Resolve

I will keep asking questions. Thank you for your help on quickly resolving these queries.

Biswaranjan Mishra 

Awesome support

Thank you so much for support during the entire training duration. Never did I get the feeling that I faced any issues with my training thanks to your world-class 24/7 support.

srinivas verma 

full satisfaction

Thanks for arranging the session as per my request and then resolving my query in record time to my full satisfaction. This deserves a 10 out of 10 marks. Keep it up.

Barnali Das 


Thank you! Even though I had approached with queries multiple times I saw that the support team resolved it with the highest level of interest and involvement. I am more than happy.

Profile photo of mkarteek M Karteek 


Thanks a lot for all the support 🙂 🙂 Anytime I had an issue all I had to do was send an email and the support team would resolve it at the earliest regardless of the time of the day. Now I am able to work independently on Hadoop because of your assistance. I am thankful to the entire team.


Thank you

Hi Team, Thanks for the 360 training services provided. I am able to master the technology and I am really satisfied with your quality and commitment and would definitely recommend Intellipaat to my friends.

Profile photo of vikrant Vikrant Singh 

Good work

It was a wonderful experience and learning from Intellipat trainers. The trainers were hands on and provided real time scenario’s. For me learning cutting edge and latest technologies intellipat is the right place.

Sai C 

Thanks to Intellipaat!

The training in Hadoop Admin and Ambari by Intellipaat checks all the right boxes. The course material was very detailed and oriented towards equipping me with practical skills rather than bookish knowledge. All thanks to Intellipaat!

Profile photo of Abhimanyu Balgopal Abhimanyu Balgopal 

Excellent Training Package!

As a Big Data Engineer, this combo course doubled my interest in various technologies specifically Hadoop, Spark, Storm Scala and others. Very beneficial for those who are passionate about Big Data and Data science and want to learn everything at one place. The courses in this combo are well constructed and each topic is well explained. Thanks Intellipaat!!!

Profile photo of Priyanka Chawla Priyanka Chawla 

Great learning – Cleared Cloudera Certification – Got job in Cognizant

My career changed positively upon completion of Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop Online Training in association with IBM. Go with Intellipaat for a Bright Career !!! Thanks.

Profile photo of Sanjana Ashokkumar Sanjana 

Excellent support service

I am completely in awe of the Intellipaat support that came with the Salesforce training which as they promised was 24/7 and also very dependable and friendly. Due to this I got my query resolved in the shortest interval making my learning experience that much faster and better.

Profile photo of Ranjita Ranjitha 

Impactful training videos

I am very happy about the Intellipaat Salesforce training video. It has been created in the professional style and it offers enough real world examples and interactivity in order to master Salesforce in a self-paced manner.

Profile photo of shanmugam murugesan Shanmugam 

Best Salesforce trainers

I especially want to talk about the Salesforce trainer quality at Intellipaat. I found they are some of the best in the entire online training industry anywhere. Due to this the sheer experience becomes that much more professional and fruitful. Thank you Intellipaat for such a wonderful learning opportunity.

Profile photo of Savadamuthu Saravanan metasavada 

High quality training

The Intellipaat Salesforce training was really good. The entire course content was in line with clearing the Salesforce certification and most of the training offered real world examples and hands-on experience making the learning experience extremely rich and worthwhile.

Profile photo of Dawn M. Berry Dawn Berry 

Thank you

Oh thank you for your wonderful and helpful response. I am so glad I joined your training!

Aditi Kulkarni 


Thank you for your solution to my issues faced. I am giving full marks to the entire Intellipaat Support team. You are the best!!

Profile photo of Dileep Dileep Jorige 

height of dedication

ok thank you to the entire Intellipaat team for the wonderful Tableau business intelligence training. I would like to mention about the height of dedication of the trainers, support, operations, admins and their level of involvement.

Profile photo of Rohit rohit ranjan, 

You are rocking good

Wow... Thanks for the excellent support. I have nothing but kind words for the Intellipaat support team.

Profile photo of svr_bikkina rajesh bikkina 

Incredibly good

Thank you very much for your training. The trainer resolved my query in record time and that too as per my utmost sanctification. I have no words to describe my gratitude to Intellipaat.

Profile photo of amrutha rao Amritha Rao 

Keep up the good work

Thank you for your cooperation. My issues have been resolved to my full satisfaction. I am giving a five star rating to the entire Intellipaat support team.

Profile photo of prasilfour psf 

Fully Satisfied

"Awesome response time to query resolution. Thanking you for resolving all my issues and helping me realize the tough concepts through the highly insightful videos "

Profile photo of prateek2391 Prateek Sareen 

Good work

Intellipaat provided the most up to date DevOps training course helping me land my dream job. I am extremely thankful to the entire Intellipaat team for making my career soar high in such a short period.

Profile photo of Sulekha Roy Sulekha Roy 


I think this certificate is a very good way of starting a career in Data Science. The instructors are reasonably good. The projects was also very interesting and relevant to current industry trends.

Mohit Rana 

Excellent Resource in Affordable Price

Very Happy to learn Apache Ambari. It is one of the most intuitive open source tools in the market that helps manage Hadoop. Consequently, it is a thriving platform for big data careers. Intellipaat turned to be one of the best training provider among all and very comprehensive and affordable prices are available. I would suggest everyone for this as study material and support is just amazing.

Profile photo of hayepaul Paul Hayes 

JBPM & Drools feedback

I love the JBPM Drools online training course and information. As a European the accent is at times challenging but the ppts and code snippets are very good. I will use your services again and recommend them to others. Very satisfied.

Profile photo of Pravesh Bisht Pravesh Bisht 

Intellipaat ,The repository of knowledge base

They have a top notch course content with experienced faculty which makes your learning process easy. They have a well responsive support team to fix your issues and problems while working on your particular course. If you want to learn new things and enhance your skills. I must say. GO with Intellipaat for The Bright Career !!!

Profile photo of Sumitra Sinha Sumitra Sinha 

Effective Platform To Learn Niche Technologies

It's very effective way to learn. Its pretty Clean and simple way to access the Intellipaat Content. Fantastic way of demonstrating the course curriculum given prior to enrollment of course. I took courses on Apache Spark, Scala, Storm and Kafka and I am really impressed by the teachings provided by the intellipaat team.

Profile photo of Shivani Jain Shivani Jain 

Awesome - Stars Maxxxx

I have attended a course at Intellipaat and I am really happy with them. An excellent online mode of learning.The classes were very interactive and insightful. It helped break the boredom of a usual classroom and kept the course interesting. This reduces my effort of reading the books and can start working immediately in the ongoing projects.

Profile photo of Monika Kadel Monika Kadel 

Superb Training Content

I enrolled with Intellipaat for Apache Kafka. Training was excellent and well executed by the trainer. I am satisfied with the way they conducted courses so professionally & their course content is so elaborative with Hands-on exercises , Project Work , Assignments and Quiz...Good Work.

Profile photo of Karishma Mishra Karishma Mishra 

Thank You Intellipaat

The lectures were very clear and easy to follow. The qualities of videos are very good. Thank you Intellipaat.

Profile photo of indiragudala Indira Gudala 


This is a great Cognos training course , basics are dealt very well

Profile photo of lakhdar lakhdar adil 

Good training.

Profile photo of Arun Kumar Verma ARUN VERMA 

Nice explaination and all tools provided

Best course for Big Data fundamentals

Purvi Narang 

Informative Material

The training was very informative and helped me a lot in understanding ETL tool.I had done this training in a day and that too in detail.This course contents basic knowledge to the final course detail.This Course surely helped me to enhancing my knowledge.

Profile photo of ruchitavijay10 Ruchita Vijay 

Easy to Learn

Complex terms explained in a very elegant way.Trainer they are providing is very knowledgeable.Trainer makes sure that you are enjoying this course while learning. Interactive sessions.Thank you very much for presenting such valuable information here. It really helps me in understanding ETL Tool.


Good Work

The course material is really helpful to understand the core concepts behind Cognos Developer. Good work.

Hemant Kumar 

Informative Course

This course explains most of what I needed to know.Trainer covers important and relevant topics comprehensively and extensively.Trainer they provide is very supportive no question remain unanswered.

Profile photo of harry poul Harry Poul 

Nice course, Good content

This course provided complete in and out of QlikView development and administration enviornment. The entire session was highly interactive as the trainer had indepth knowledge of all aspects.

Anant Mishra 

Excellent Course

I am impressed with the methodology used. Instructor was superb, and videos were great. The topic were explained in easy-to-understand manner. This course certainly gave the answers to all my problems. Great job Intellipaat!!!

Profile photo of robin dutta R dutta 

Informative Material

This QlikView training course helped me in understanding about this great business intelligence tool. The free tutorials and videos are extraordinary. I never knew online Business Intelligence training in could be so comprehensive and easy to understand. Thanks Intellipaat.

Profile photo of Sameer Gupta Sameer Gupta 

Marvellous Content

I enjoyed this course from the very first session.The content guides you from very basic approach of the fundamentals to the advanced level with practical knowledge in just few days of training.

Profile photo of Garima Modani Garima Modani 

Amazing Videos

I was just amazed at the quality of the video content in the Qlikview training and certification course from Intellipaat. It is beautifully segregated into logical blocks assisting learners grasp the subject in the best possible way. Thanks for the wonderful QlikView BI Reporting training.

Profile photo of Narendra Kumar Narendra Kumar 

Wonderful Integrated learning!

Nothing better than a combo like this! Being a Data scientist, I could gain insights into various Big Data platforms like Hadoop, Spark and Scala, which has really enriched my skill set and gave me an edge amongst coworkers. The idea of learning most demanding Big data and Data science technologies through a single course is just wonderful. The trainers are doing a great job. I just love the Integration of various technologies together.

Profile photo of sunil29jaiswal Sunil Jaiswal 

Superb Learning

Took this course a week ago and I am impressed with the methodology used. Instructor is superb, and video quality is great. The topic explanations are easy-to-understand. Being from PHP background, it was difficult for me to enter into Data Science field, but this course certainly gave the answers to all my problems. Great job Intellipaat!!!

Profile photo of Deepa Jain Deepa Jain 

Well-designed Quizzes

What I liked the most about this course is that the Quizzes are well designed to test conceptual understanding. I went through the sessions multiple times so as to clear the quizzes. It gave my Data Science career a great start as most important topics are compiled in just one training course. Had an excellent training experience.

Profile photo of Tareg Alnaeem Tareg Alnaeem 

Great course

One of the most intresting, valuable and enjoyable course i ever have. Excellent OBIEE trainin gmaterial and good tutoring. Highly recommended.

Ankit Pandey 

Great Experience

The course content is well designed and nicely delivered. Each session is explained via proper examples and real-time assignments. Thanks to Intellipaat!

Priyanka Kumari 

Reasonable and well organised

The course was reasonably priced and the classes were highly interactive and also practical oriented. Every teaching session was recorded each day and was put on-line by the institute which was really helpful. The trainer was very patient and able to solve all the questions posed to him.

Profile photo of Anup Soni Anup 

Great Training

This Intellipaat Splunk training and certification course is all you will need to work as a machine data analyst who analyses machine-generated data to convert it into operational intelligence.

Profile photo of Christopher Doidge Christopher Doidge 

Easily Understandable

I was not aware that Intellipaat Tableau online training was so learner-friendly. Fantastic examples and industry-oriented assignments help to clear the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam after completion of the Tableau Desktop training course.

Profile photo of jonu.1504 Abhisekh Kumar 

Good one

for beginner it is good...

Profile photo of Siddharth Gupta Siddharth Gupta 

Strongly Recommended

This course is beautifully designed, the quiz at the end is an icing on the cake.

Profile photo of Kavita Mehra Kavita Mehra 

Perfect Training!

The classes were highly interactive and also practical oriented. The office staff was cordial and co-operative. Every teaching session was recorded each day and was put on-line by the institute which was really helpful. The trainer was very patient and able to solve or give some hints to solve all the questions posed to him.


A good training provider

I am feeling very satisfied with this course and thank to each member involved in it.. Videos are nice.. Trainer is very good.. Contents are up to date.. What should I say..a good training provider..Intellipaat...Thanks a lot


Really Interesting Course!!

This course is very nice and interesting as I go through it..Before taking it, I was nervous because I have not enough knowledge but now I can say that I know more than a beginner..wonderful job..thanks intellipaat for building my career..


Good Course!!

This course is very good..having good and updated content and I am very much satisfied and would surely suggest to all who are searching for this course.... It really helps in learning all the things of wordpress CMS..

Zeenat Hussain 


I am very much gratified and learnt a lot from this course..the wordpress training and its contents are almost coverable in this tutorial and trainer was very nicely explain..thanks intellipaat for such type of quality..


Amazing Content

The SEM online training contents of this course are quite interesting to learn and I am lucky enough to choose this course..i love it friends.. you should also try this one..

Arshi Mehtaab 

Very Nice Course!!

As we know it is the need of any organisation to promote itself..this is the best practice of learning from this course. Intellipaat had done great job with Google AdWords Training and the trainer was very much perfect in his job of explaining. Learnt a lot in this PPC training course..

Vibha Sharma 

Amazing Course Bundle

It is really a bundle of knowledge...very nice course.. It improves the weakness of learner and make them confident about what they are gaining..thanks to intellipaat

Ayushi Soni 

Helpful Content

I think this tutorial is helping and very amazing.. It covers very much knowledgeable points.. Guys you should go through this one.. Seriously amazing..

Abhilash Jajoo 

Nice One! Good Job!!

This tutorial is very helpful and nice as it covers all contents relevant to course in proper manner.. I love this course.. It made me very much confident to fight any test regarding seo, smo and google analytics..


Good Experience!!

I have a good experience while having this has wonderful practice and good contents.. One can learn and improve his learning abilities.


Nicely and Well Organised

This course is very nice one and I like the way trainer provides all necessary information.. The videos are of high quality.. Love to see more.. Thanx intellipaat team...


Wonderful Efforts..

This software testing training course about is good for me in knowledge improving..i learnt a lot from this course..i think it is the best job done by intellipaat...


Good Job Intellipaat!

The videos are very nicely prepared.. The trainer is very good in his job.. He explained clearly in all modules..


Great Efforts!!

This is a very nice course and I gain very much knowledge from this.. I was always wanted such a course for learning..


Amazing Course!

Before taking this course I was null at my knowledge . After this course I was super confident.. I cleared a test.. Best moment of career

Himani Sharma 

Nice Videos

The videos of this course is very nice and I like to learn from such clarity of this course

Surbhi Mishra 

Mindblowing Course with Nice Efforts

This is a mind blowing course and we were expecting to this.. Seriously I like it… instructor was also good..

Nikhil Joshi 

First Class..

The course material is first class..this is a best way to learn pmp because the course involves a lot of knowledge inside..



This course is amazing.. I have gained a lot of information and skills about this course.. Thank you for providing such a nice course.. Thanks to intellipaat trainer..


Nice Practice!!

This course is very interesting and nice .. I have learnt a lot..knowledgeable material. I am thankful to intellipaat..i would surely recommend to others for this nice training..


Master Piece..

This course is a master piece of all the courses which I learnt in my life ever.. It has a best knowledge points.. And I was glad to see such a nice combo in one course..


Eye Catching!!

this is the best solution for learners of msbi-sql course.. Instructor was good and videos are also..quality materials..

Vaishali Rout 

Wonderful Learning

My experience in this class and with this project was positive as well as rewarding.There were a lot of valuable lessons to take away from this class and the design process.


Good Service

videos are very nice and well maintained the scenario of explanations.i like the course and surely recommend my friends also..


Amazing Course

it was a very nice course and I really enjoyed the modules gives me insight knowledge of each point.



I found this SQL Server DBA training course very rewarding and practical.I appreciate examples, which helped to clarify many of the concepts.

Profile photo of Dinesh Chandak Dinesh Chandak 

Good Experience

I will definitely recommend this training to others as well as plan to attend other courses from intellipaat..gained good experience from intellipaat..


Informative Course!!

This course was very informative and interesting. The instructor was also great on his job..he explained each and every thing clearly..


Detailed Info!!

The training was clear and detailed.I hope to take his course as long as I am shipping at my current job.


Awesome Module

An extremely helpful and informative course, especially in conjuction with multi-modal training. Training materials were well organized.


Unforgettable first experience

This was the first time I opted for Java online training and found it extremely convenient and interesting. I could learn at midnight sitting my home. Gave me deeper insights into Java Programming concepts.


nice trial!!

This Java training course covers a very broad range of disciplines and the challenge was to get to grips with all of these new elements quickly. That made the course hard work but great fun, and it has proved a tremendous opportunity for me to develop my career in new areas.


Great Journey with Course

I thought the course was challenging and nice to learn ..i have never found a contrast of knowledge and explanation in any course..wish intellipaat a happy journey on such courses and waiting for new one


boom boom !!

it was really nice course.. I like it.. Because it is to the point and full of explanations


Great Job

I appreciate the efforts made by intellipaat and the trainer which made the course so easy and provides me great knowledge of course and a confidence in me,..


Knowledgeable Modules

The modules gives entire knowledge of course and provide great efficiency to boost your learning abilities. Great services offered by intellipaat.

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