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About Us

Our Vision: Democratization of the Education Sector

‘We believe that everyone has the right to quality education, so we strive to provide quality training at the lowest cost.’

The democratization of the education sector is closely related to four important pillars that include:

  • High-quality Content
  • Training Pedagogy
  • 24/7 Support
  • Job Assistance

Intellipaat combines a unique approach to the ideation and creation of the course content. It then collaborates with SMEs for training. Further, it offers its learners lifelong support and lifetime access to the course materials.

It also provides professional help to ensure learners find lucrative jobs by conducting mock interview sessions and helping each candidate create a high-quality resume.

About Us 1

"Intellipaat started from a passion we felt to give something back to society. We focus on value, not volume, so with us, you will get farther than talent.”

Diwakar Chittora About Us 2

"At Intellipaat, we focus on what, why, who and how. With an excellent line of courses, a learner walks away with a smile and a deeper understanding of the concepts."

Meet Diwakar Chittora

CEO, Intellipaat

Diwakar, true to his name, is a visionary, tech-enthusiast, strategist, and jack of all trades. Hailing from the tranquil city of Jaipur, he started his career in Bangalore. Prior to Intellipaat, he was heading a BI team at Wipro and has worked with Fortune 500 companies (such as Mercedes Benz Research, Amex, etc.).

Diwakar’s keen vision, along with his unique ability to cumulate Cloud, Big Data, Data Science, and other technical fields to provide hands-on training solutions, adds tremendous value to the growing corporate needs of certified resources. He has been able to keep Intellipaat up to date with the technological revolution of the decade.

Diwakar specializes in collating the course lines and spearheads Intellipaat’s technical and marketing initiatives. He is an ‘idealist’ and shares the vision of democratizing the education sector with his companion, Shilpi Jain.

Shilpi Jain About Us 2

"Being a trainer is difficult, partly because few people know how to do it. As a front runner, I learned to chase the highest heights and the lowest depths."

Meet Shilpi Jain

Director, Intellipaat

Shilpi Jain has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. She has an MCA degree and has worked in an Architect capacity at IBM, Nelson Mobile, and Microsoft, before Intellipaat. She has been handling everything Content, Marketing and Operations at Intellipaat since the day of the company's establishment.

Shilpi is known by her employees as a compassionate leader and stands ready to face any challenge. Single-handedly, Shilpi has been responsible for launching and growing many course lines at Intellipaat.

Shilpi is an individual who inspires and encourages her employees to reach their full potential. As a realist with an unwavering personality, she is quite different from Diwakar but shares the same professional wills and goals. She adheres to her motto: ‘We must be the change we want to see in the world.

How it all started?

Diwakar, along with his life companion Shilpi Jain, was looking forward to learning Hadoop. Surprisingly, no one in the country provided Hadoop training. Their only option was to register for offshore training, which was in the United States, starting at ₹150,000! Or else, fly to the US or Singapore and sign up for a much more expensive Hadoop course, which was not only impractical but also time-consuming. This is not it, the couple realized that the training sessions were pretty ordinary with no support.

They seized this untapped opportunity!

First, Diwakar collaborated with a freelance Hadoop trainer. He then emailed his LinkedIn contacts pointing out the commencement of Hadoop training. It was one of its kind in India. Much to his surprise, 10 contacts responded with their affirmation within 48 hours!

Within 3 months of launching their first course, Ericsson, a leading network and telecommunications company, expressed the willingness to train its employees on Hadoop. It asked for 200 employees to be trained immediately!

This was an important milestone that prompted the couple to revolutionize the field of e-learning.

Since then, Intellipaat as a company has become a pioneer in developing courses in collaboration with IT moguls such as IBM, Microsoft, etc. and rendering 150+ technical training courses, including Hadoop, Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Salesforce, and more! To date, Intellipaat has trained more than 600,000 happy learners. It has established itself in the highly competitive field of e-learning.

These training courses not only provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies but also effectively fill the gaps in today's technological capabilities.

About Us 1

“We are in a constant endeavor of changing the education culture to be more like an open-source collaborative environment.”

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