Free Business Analyst Course for Undergraduates

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About Course

Course Curriculum

Introducing business analyst


Introduction to business analyst domain, the need for business analysts, the various roles and responsibilities, how the business analyst fits in the project team, significance of communication and collaboration, core competencies of business analyst, techniques and approaches in business analysis, how business analysts fit in the corporate structure, the different departments in the organization that business analysts connect with.

Understanding business needs


Understanding the needs of the business, gathering the requirements, studying feasibility, prioritizing, assessing the risks, evaluating and choosing the right initiative, assessing change of requirements, getting the requirements approved.

Introduction to the various types of projects, what are the phases in an IT project, important activities, deliverables and key people involved, comparing the software development lifecycle and product lifecycle, how the projects depend on other projects, what are the tasks and responsibilities of project manager, planning and monitoring a project, critical path analysis, creation of tasks, relationship between tasks, allocating the resources, working under various constraints.

Introduction to the various techniques that business analysts use like SWOT, CATWOE, important tools used by business analysts, analysis of strategy, various components of strategy analysis, identification of stakeholders and the needs of business, what is business modeling, gathering of requirements, analyzing, designing, implementing, testing, and deploying in the business environment.

The various software engineering processes, understanding the software project steps, the software development lifecycle, the difference between waterfall and agile software project methodologies, RUP and RAD methodologies, project deliverables.

What is the role of business analysts in requirement gathering, the various types of requirements, business analysis plan, Requirements Work Plan, components of RWP, Requirements Traceability Matrix, various business specifications and roles, various methods for elicitation like interview, brainstorming, document analysis, survey, reverse engineering, and product trails.

The need for analyzing the requirements, various modeling techniques in analysis like organization, process, data, location, use case, and state, business rules analysis, how to prioritize the requirements, requirement verification and validation, documenting the requirements, level of detail needed.

What is business process modeling, importance of process modeling, process management, introduction to Unified Modeling Language, prototyping, structure diagrams, the various components, package and object diagrams, behavior diagram, use case diagrams, interaction overview diagram.

Evaluating the solution, measuring the performance of the solution, analyzing performance metrics, assessing the limitations of the solution, improving the value of the solution through recommended solution.

How business analysts make a difference in various domains, the scope of business analysts in the agile methodology perspective, the various techniques and approaches, the scope of business analysts in business intelligence, how business analysts improve the information technology domain, business analysts streamlining the domain of business architecture, the various methodologies, frameworks and techniques, how business analysts make a difference in business process management.

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How can I make full use of the projects in this program?

Since the projects are industry-level and from various domains, alongside learning and mastering the concepts, this can be repurposed to be the final year project as well. It shows that you’ve thoroughly learnt the concepts and poses as a huge advantage for potential employers.

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