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Free Online Machine Learning Certification Course

Develop strong foundational training in Machine Learning and advance in your career through this free self-paced course from Intellipaat.

Build industry-level foundational skills in Machine Learning through this course. Designed by top ML experts, the course will train you in all the major concepts of Machine Learning so as to equip you for your future career in Machine Learning. Due care has been taken to include those concepts that will assist you in taking up advance-level training.

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This course includes:

  • 5 Hours of Self Paced Learning
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Certification and Lifetime Access
  • Enroll now and get certified

About Course

Machine Learning skills you will learn

Machine Learning


Supervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning


Regression Analysis

Linear Regression

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Machine learning using Python

1.1 Introduction to Machine Learning
1.2 Types of Machine Learning
1.3 What can you do with Machine Learning?
1.4 Machine Learning Demo

Module 2: Supervised Learning Algorithm in Python

2.1 Introduction to Regression
2.2 Step by Step calculation of Linear Regression
2.3 Linear Regression in Python
2.5 Step by Step Calculation of Logistic Regression

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Career Transition

57% Average Salary Hike

$1,14,000 Highest Salary

12000+ Career Transitions

400+ Hiring Partners

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Who can take up this Machine Learning course?

Firstly, anyone willing to learn and understand what Machine Learning is can take up this course. However, the people who will be most benefited by this course are professionals such as Analytics Manager, Business Analyst, Information Architect Developer.

Is any prior knowledge required for this Machine Learning course?

Since this is a foundational course, no prior knowledge is required. However, a decent level of interest and knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics will be an added advantage.

You need to be sincere and dedicated enough to complete this course. If done properly and without any disturbance in between, the course can easily be completed in 5 hours. Further, you can revise the concepts for better understanding with the help of the lifetime access benefit provided with this free course.

There are many evolving job roles related to machine learning such as data scientist, data analyst, Machine Learning engineer, or AI engineer. Many companies are seeking skilled candidates in this domain for their AI-powered projects. With the rapid growth of machine learning in every area, the future looks promising.

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