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Python certification training course online will help you master the concepts and gain in-depth experience on writing Python code and packages like SciPy, Matplotlib, NumPy, Lambda function. You will also learn how to write Python code for Big Data systems like Hadoop and spark. As part of the Python certification Online course ,you will be working on real-world projects and case studies and get hands-on experience.

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Python is amongst the top-ranked programming language

Stack Overflow

Python has shown a growth of 27% in the past years

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Course Curriculum

Introduction and Installation of Python

Python Variables,
Python Tokens,
Python Literals,
Python Operators

Introduction to Lambda Function

Introduction to Classes and Objects in Python

Introduction to NumPY

Introduction to File Handling

Introduction to File Handling

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Course Advisor

Niraj Kumar

Co-founder & CTO, DataMetica

Niraj has over 12 years of experience in the field of IT. He deals with everything from designing various architectures, developing methodologies in Machine Learning, AI, and Full Stack Development to handling Big Data and many more for top Fortune 500 companies.

Diwakar Chittora

Co-founder & CEO, Intellipaat

He has more than 11 years of experience in developing large-scale BI products for Fortune 500 companies and has great experience in doing data analytics on large-scale data. He has worked in companies like Amex, Mercedes Benz Research, Pentaho, and Wipro in the past.

Muthusamy Manigandan

Head Engg., Amazon India

Mani comes with great experience working on algorithms, Data Science, Big Data, and AI. He has worked on multiple research projects in the past on Data Science, AI,and ML for display advertising, recommendation and classification systems,etc. He comes with 16+ years of experience with building large-scale AI products for top MNCs.

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Python is a popular and widely used programming language today. Most companies are using this language to build software, implement Machine Learning systems, and more. Major organizations like IBM, Capgemini, Dell, etc. are hiring Python Developers for various job roles with high-paying salaries.

This Python Free training from Intellipaat offers Pre-Recorded video sessions by Python experts from top MNCs. Moreover, in this course, you will understand the concepts thoroughly by working on assignments that will enhance your practical knowledge.

A zeal to learn and a working internet connection! There are no other pre-requisites to this free course 🙂

Anyone who wants to start off in the domain of Python. This course should help you skip the initial steps of researching and learning about Python.

After going through this Python Free course you will understand:

Getting Started with Python
Language Components
Classes and Objects
File Handling
Basics of Data Visualization

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