Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning - Free Course

Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning

Master Time Series Analysis skills in Machine Learning through this free course by Intellipaat.

Gain proficiency in time series analysis through this well-curated course by industry experts. Become future-ready for challenging Machine Learning roles and advanced-level learning. The course aims at helping you develop strong basics in time series analysis so that you can take up real-life scenarios ahead.

This course includes:

  • 2 Hours of Self Paced Learning
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Certification and Lifetime Access
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About Course

Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning skills you will learn

Time-Series modeling

ACF Plots

Dickey-Fuller test

Fitting a Model

Time Series Analysis

Curriculum Course

Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to Time Series
Module 2 – Types of Time Series
Module 3 – Components of Time Series
Module 4 – Steps for Fitting Time Series Model
Module 5 – Fitting a Time Series Model- Differencing
Module 6 – Fitting a Time Series Model – Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test
Module 7 – Fitting a Time Series Model – ACF Plots
Module 8 – Understanding Time Series Model in a Nutshell

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Why should I learn Time Series analysis in Machine Learning from Intellipaat?

This free certification course from Intellipaat will help professionals who wish to build a career in Machine Learning. The course curriculum designed by experts will help you develop a strong base in the core skill set involved in time series analysis. You will master various aspects of time series data modeling, distribution fitting, and forecasting. 

Additionally, you will be awarded a certificate for Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning upon the successful completion of the training

Who are the instructors for this course?

The instructors at Intellipaat are professionals from top MNCs and carry an experience of at least 8 to 12 years in the domain of Data Science and Machine Learning. Also, they are qualified trainers and are selected only after a rigorous selection process and proving their capabilities as a Machine Learning trainer.

There are no prerequisites as such to learn Time Series in Machine Learning. However, it is suggested that you have basic level knowledge in any programming language (preferably R/Python) and core mathematics and statistics concepts to grasp the concepts better and effectively.

If you have prior knowledge and experience in machine learning and technical skills, becoming an expert in Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning would not take much time. However, if you do not have any base or foundation knowledge in the domain, your learning time will depend on how well you grasp the concepts and techniques.

Post successful completion of this course, you can move on to advanced level courses by Intellipaat like Machine Learning Certification Course, Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence course online , Machine Learning Certification, PG Certification in Data Science and ML and others.

Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning can be learned by:

  • Business Analysts
  • Data enthusiasts and Data Analysts
  • Students/fresh graduates aspiring to become Data Scientists. 
  • Business Managers
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