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Future Trends In Data Science

April 20, 2022 | 08:30 pm (IST)

Intellipaat Team

About the Webinar

Data Science is no more an unknown term for people in the tech field. From Medicine to Automobile to Supply Chain, Data Science is used in all fields of work. It’s an amalgamation of Programming, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and the the pinnacle of Computing, Artificial Intelligence. In this webinar, we will take a step further and make an attempt to understand how Data Science is affecting the world today and what future scope does it hold. There are multiple questions answered in this webinar, like How Data Science is defined?, Who can be a data scientist?, What skills are required to a a data scientist?, and what are the various new and exciting fields where Data Science is making it’s mark?. This might not an exhaustive list as the world of technology is ever-changing but you will get to have a window in the world of Data Science filed from an Industry Expert.


  • Introduction To Data Science
  • Concepts Of Data Science
  • Pre-requisites for becoming a Data Science professional
  • Future Scope of Data Science
  • Q & A session

About the trainer

Mr. Shivam has 12 years of IT experience. He started as an ERP consultant and has been seasoned data scientist for last 11 years, having worked with McKinsey and other fortune highly ranked MNCs. He