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I have installed and added data source (web data connector) inside tableau

Web data connector URL : http://localhost/datasouceexample/example.html

web data connector holds some data. import data from web data connector and create graphs using the data from the web data connector URL. Generated graph and saved in the "tableau public" option. Embed the code inside my web application. The graphs show perfectly.

My question is about the automatic data update.

1 ) I want to update graph automatically based on the value from web data connector URL 
2 ) If any new updations are inside input data (new inputs), automatically sync with tableau and update the graph, so no changes in the embed code and graph updated automatically

Any settings available inside tableau for do this section? if it is possible? Thanks 

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  •  Dashboards with a google sheets data source only can be automatically updated on Tableau Public.

  • You might be able to redesign your web service to write to a google sheets doc. If you are able to do, you could republish your dashboard to sync with that doc

  • This would be manual on Tableau Public. If you need to host/connect to a 'large' file. Look into purchasing a Tableau Online but it's very cost-effective

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