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I have a trial version of Tableau on my workstation. Currently, I have built dashboards from Excel workbooks and published it to Tableau Server. My company is willing to pay for any licensing costs. But moving forward I am going to migrate all my excel data sources to a Microsoft SQL database. With the ultimate goal to build a data warehouse, build Tableau visualizations from that and publish the content to end-users. End users will most likely only view and filter the Tableau dashboards. Furthermore, I plan to use SQL Server to import and update the data warehouse on a quarterly basis.

I think having Tableau Desktop on my workstation is all I need to publish dashboards for end-users. There seems to already be a Tableau Server established. Additionally, I think if the end-users simply have Tableau Reader that is all they will need.

Am I on the right track?

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Tableau desktop is used to create dashboards and publish them

Whereas as Tableau server is u protect data and helps to access servers

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