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can anyone provide useful link on idoc , interfaces

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Idoc stands for Intermediate document. The main use of an Idoc is to transfer data or information from SAP to other systems and vice-versa. The transfer from SAP to other systems that are non SAP systems are done via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) subsystems while for transfer between SAP systems, ALE i.e Application Link Enabling is used. You can refer this link to gain more knowledge about Idoc IDoc Basics For Functional Consultants | SAP Blogs

Interfaces in SAP acts as a data type for objects. Interfaces along with inheritance features also provide a base for polymorphism because a method defined in an interface can behave differently in different classes. You can refer the below link to learn more about Interfaces

What are interfaces - SAP Archive

SAP interfaces - IBM

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thank you so much
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