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I am creating a hybrid (and web) app using SAP Fiori Kapsel plug-ins, WebIDE and the Mobile Service for Development and Operations from the SAP Cloud.

The web based app is using some of the functionalities that are not supported by the offlline plug-in (e.g. function imports and deep inserts). Both of those features are very important and I have to have them - or something similar - available for the hybrid app aswell.

From my understanding, the hybrid app is launched in "offline mode" by default. I would like to use this offline mode only as a fall back and call the "true" OData service as often as possible.

Is this possible?

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As a matter of fact, there are various ways of creating relationships with the Offline OData plug-in. For explaining deep inserts, more information is required about what exactly the user is trying to accomplish.

Anyways, it is possible to use both offline/online mode at the same time. Refer to this blog post. It contains several examples of offline mode. One of those examples pertains to a mixed use-case.  

However, it is recommended for users to stay in the offline mode. When an online call is required, users can do a flush/upload first and resolve any data conflicts, if any. Further, they can make the online call and conduct a refresh/download. 

Hence, data consistency is achieved. 

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