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How should I start learning the SAP MM module?

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If you have completed B.E. Mechanical Background then you should learn SAP MM Module.

If you want to learn SAP MM from scratch, then here's the right video for you:

If you are more into reading, then do check out this material provided by Intellipaat:


The roles of SAP MM For a business process that is -

SAP MM is a part of logistics functions and that helps in managing the procurement activities of an organization. It supports all aspects of material management i.e.planning and control. It is the backbone of logistics that incorporates modules such as Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, and Warehouse Management.

SAP MM for business:

Deals with the investment activities of managing materials. all major companies require some sort of materials handling for their day to day production activities. SAP MM module helps to implement the p2p cycle and define automatic purchase requisition, purchase orders(POs), Vendor evaluations, and Goods Receipt Note (GRN). Any industries and organization, who handled the department they need B.E. and M.E. Candidates. SAP MM department is valuable for every Industry. Join the best SAP MM online course provided by Intellipaat. 


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