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When should you use Kubernetes Helm and not use it?

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You only get the most value from the helm when you can leverage the work of others to run third-party apps, for an example Prometheus. For your own apps, that only you run, you can just write the yaml. If you have many apps, you should build a specific component in your favourite programming language to create the necessary API-resources. To learn more about it you can have a look at the following DevOps tutorial which covers all these topics in detail. 

Let’s understand the benefits you can get while using it:-

  1. Helm charts are built atop Kubernetes and benefit from its cluster architecture.

  2. The ability to consider scalability from the very start.

  3. The charts of all the images used by Helm are stored in a registry called Helm Workspace

  4. DevOps teams can search them and add to their projects with ease.

You can have a look at the following video tutorial in order to know all these things in details with an in-depth concept. Link of the video is as follows:-

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