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Which is the best one for data science, R, SAS or Python?

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They essentially have the same capabilities but the difference is in terms of the processing time, support and cost. R vs Python is one of the most well-known but important question asked by lots of data science students. We understand that R and Python both are open source programming languages. Both of these languages are having a large agreement. Both of these languages are having constant development. R is more practical, it provides a variety of functions to the Data Scientist. Most of the work done by functions in R. Whereas, Python uses classes to execute any task within the python. There is nothing like “THE BEST” in the technology world. Everything is relative to the problem you are trying to solve. If you are a beginner and want to know more about Python and R programming language then do refer the following video tutorials: 

You can get a hands-on project by referring to the following Data Science Online Course by Intellipaat which will teach you Data Science from scratch to advance.

And if you are more into videos then do check out the following video tutorial which will help you in mastering in the field of Data Science:

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