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How can I be the SAP FICO consultant if I have domain experience in accounting and finance, I’ve also done the SAP FICO course? Can anyone suggest to me the source to get a job?

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As you do not have actual SAP FICO expertise, I might counsel you to apply for junior roles in huge multinational firms that will train you throughout your onboarding.

SAP financial accounting and controlling is not an easy #career to break into and my second advice would be getting a Finance or Management Accounting role in a company that uses SAP software and try working your way up as a superuser, then later when there are upgrades, patches, support work etc, offer your expertise and get noticed. Most SAP Consultants I know transitioned from a functional role into an SAP role in the company they work for.

However, I have heard stories of people like you with domain experience and SAP certification getting a lucky break so don't relent in your efforts.

Just to be clear, nowadays, simply doing an SAP FICO training without sitting and obtaining the certification will not assist you much.

Best of luck in your job search.

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