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Is it possible to move from an SAP FICO consultant profile to a Data Analyst / Data Scientist?

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Yes, it is definitely possible to switch to the Data Science field irrespective of your previous/current job profile whether SAP FICO or any other. You just need to be consistent and committed to your learning path. As you're a working professional, if you choose to learn while you're working, you'll take blended courses where you get the liberty to attend the courses on weekends(online/classroom depends on you). If you decide to take a break, you can go for a full-time course and make a career switch quickly. Having said that, you ought to learn Python/R programming, learn the math for machine learning, then dive deep into machine learning, learn to write algorithms from scratch, make toy projects, write blogs of what you've got studied and implemented, make a GitHub profile to showcase your skills in the form of projects, watch interviews of the industry leaders, listen to podcasts, attend meetups, if there is no meetup for Data Science then organize one, this helps you to network with people and also helps grow professionally. You can check Intellipaat’s Data Science certification course. Hope this helps. Also if you are interested in SAP FICO training course, then you can join. 

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