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SAP has a good transportation module for certain logistics and warehousing operations. Given and accepted. The story doesn't end here but begins now.

Sincerely assess functionalities (don't speak to SAP pre-sales and marketing partners- for them all logistics and warehousing is the same whether the company's own or on behalf of others - it isn't. Instead speak to purposeful knowledgeable who has enforced for a client with precisely same operations as yours) with reference to your supplying operations - you're supplying or on behalf of others, whose possession of fleets, containers, trucks, and inventory, what level of tracking and documentation, what level of integration with customers and third-party service providers, and so on. 

I've seen serious gaps for supplying operations in sure eventualities (such as shipping, documentation and tracking, container stuffing, load balancing, or logistics handling and tracking of third party inventory and containers). In these scenarios, Add-On Supply Chain optimization (discount APO in all probability for this), auction, tracking and documentation solution had to be considered with significant additional costs. Defeated the basic purpose of buying an integrated single system. Insist on reference implementations in exactly the same operations/ operators. ( Believe me - 'exact same’ and 'similar' operations has a completely different meaning when it comes to assessing SAP for logistics operators).

SAP core logistics processes were designed years ago when the count and cost of manpower were not that important as it is today. Cost potency expectations of management have modified drastically within the last 10 years, SAP core hasn't and can't - they just can't change core drastically any more with so many large instances already in place. Most recent SAP initiatives and buzzwords solutions are answers to their issues and not customers!

You did not mention the size of your operations. If cost is a crucial consideration and the size of operations is tiny to medium, scan this as a fore-warning.

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