Koramangala ecosystem aids launching of new ventures: Diwakar Chittora, Intellipaat

To equip students with quality training in the shortest time frame possible across geographical boundaries, at the lowest price, Intellipaat was launched in 2011. Started with a Seed capital of Rs 50,000 the company was able to reach break-even in the first month itself and since then it has been witnessing 1000 percent profit every year.

Currently Intellipaat has a user base of 1,50,000 people out of which 12,000 have been in last one year. In an interview with Nivedita Mishra, CEO of Intellipaat, Diwakar Chittora shares his entrepreneurial story and how, being located in a startup hub helped him shape up his business.

When did you start Intellipaat and how did you plan to expand to Bengaluru?

It was in 2011 and we (Shilpi& I) were looking for new technologies to upgrade our skills on Big data & Hadoop and had to struggle a lot to find the right training institute and when found it was asking for 55,000 per person and course content were very basic and no support is provided after training is over.

We later decided to find someone who is working consultant and can help us to gain advance knowledge. We spoke to our friends if they know anyone and didn’t find any such person. This made us think if we can solve this problem as almost all IT professionals are struggling with this problem.

In July 2011, we started Intellipaat with simple objective of providing High end technology training at affordable prices with support for doubt clearance and till now it was a great journey with +40 Clients, +100 courses and + 2 lakhs user base across the globe in small time.

At present, we already have office based in Bengaluru near Koramangala. We are further planning to expand to Bengaluru since it is the IT hub thus hiring innovative engineers & smart marketing professionals would be beneficial for our business. This will simultaneously lead to increase our reach for B to C segment.

How has been the journey so far?

It has been very exciting and very hectic journey. We have broken growth records every year since we began. Last year was particularly exciting when we launched the self-paced courses. The response has been tremendous. With this we complete the first phase of our plan. We will be launching the second phase soon from a very robust position.

Both Shilpi(Co-Founder)& I share the same thought of giving back to society what we have learnt; what can be better place to fulfill this thought than opening up a training company. I personally trained more than 30 corporates and +500 students across the globe including many CEOs of the companies on niche technologies. As an IT Professional you have to always be on your toes to pick up new technology and create a unique skill-set can help in enhancing your career professionally and also many a times you have to work on new technology projects where there is hardly any training available or if available it will cost in lakhs.

What are the courses you are providing at present?

Intellipaat offers both self paced & instructor led online courses. Currently, Intellipaat offers 100+ online e-learning courses focusing on niche business intelligence technology like Hadoop, Data Science, Python, Tableau, Penthao, Qilkview, OBIEE, Talend, Spotfire, Jasper, MSBI, Cognos, SAS, Data Stage, Openstack, SAP HANA, and Jaspersoft.

How do you provide training and how much growth in terms of candidates are you witnessing?

We provide online as well as self-paced courses in addition to being training partners of more than 40 leading MNCs of India. We are witnessing growth in all three kinds. We add one or more new corporate every month to our clients list. The online classroom numbers show a steady growth. The highest increase has been in people opting for self-paced courses. What are the changes you are witnessing in the market trends like that of training of employees by corporate companies in last five years? The biggest change has come from mid-level companies.

A few years ago, only top companies undertook training for their employees. Now more and more mid-sized companies are engaging in training and skill up gradation for their employees. Another change is the deeper understanding of how sustained training and up gradation is a key factor for growth. Hence companies no longer simply pay lip service but engage in serious training programmes.

How according to you Big Data & Cloud Computing are changing the landscape of Indian economy?

Both Big Data and Cloud Computing are slowly becoming critical for businesses around the world. It’s no different in India. They are changing how industries like banking, insurance, etc function in the country. What is unique is that a lot of Business Development and Cloud Computing experts in the global market come from India.

June 6, 2015

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Training in Cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, UK, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington, New York, Orlando, Boston

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