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Intellipaat Apache Storm certification training course lets you master the distributed stream processing engine, Apache Storm. We provide the best online classes to learn Storm installation and configuration, working with unbounded data, continuous computation, real-time analytics and distributed RPC and ETL processing. During this course, you will work on real-world industry projects.

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12 Hrs Instructor Led Training
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24 Hrs Project work & Exercises
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About Apache Storm Tutorial Course

This Apache Storm training from Intellipaat will give you a working knowledge of the open-source computational engine, Apache Storm. You will be able to do distributed real-time data processing and come up with valuable insights. You will learn about the deployment and development of Apache Storm applications in real world for handling Big Data and implementing various analytical tools for powerful enterprise-grade solutions.

What will you learn in this Apache Storm certification training?

  1. Apache Storm, its architecture and concepts
  2. Installation of Apache Storm
  3. Storm topology, logic dynamics and its components
  4. Distributed computing, its features and real-time challenges
  5. Difference between Storm and Hadoop
  6. Implementing Trident spouts, Trident filter, bolt, function and aggregator
  7. Working on real-world Apache Storm projects
  • Software Developers and Mainframe Professionals
  • ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Analysts and Hadoop Professionals
  • Project Managers and graduates looking for a career in Big Data

There are no specific prerequisites for learning Apache Storm. However, a basic understanding of Java is an advantage.

  • Global Big Data market to reach $122 billion in 6 years – Frost & Sullivan
  • The number of jobs for all USA data professionals will increase to 2.7 million per year – IBM
  • Apache Storm experts in the United States can earn up to $115,000 – Indeed

Apache Storm training will provide you with real-time analytics and Big Data Hadoop skills needed to process huge volumes of data. This way you can take up jobs in your dream companies that need the skills of Big Data professionals proficient in Apache Storm.

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Self Paced Training

  • 12 Hrs e-learning videos
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access

Online Classroom preferred

  • Everything in self-paced, plus
  • 12 Hrs of instructor-led training
  • 1:1 doubt resolution sessions
  • Attend as many batches for Lifetime
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 06 Jun
  • SAT - SUN
  • 08:00 PM TO 11:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)
  • 13 Jun
  • SAT - SUN
  • 08:00 PM TO 11:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)
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Apache Storm Course Content

Understanding the Architecture of Storm preview videos

Big Data characteristics, understanding Hadoop distributed computing, the Bayesian Law, deploying Storm for real-time analytics, Apache Storm features, comparing Storm with Hadoop, Storm execution and learning about Tuple, Spout and Bolt.

Installing Apache Storm and various types of run modes of Storm.

Understanding Apache Storm and the data model.

Installation of Apache Kafka and its configuration.

Understanding advanced Storm topics like Spouts, Bolts, Stream Groupings and Topology and its life cycle and learning about guaranteed message processing

Various grouping types in Storm, reliable and unreliable messages, Bolt structure and life cycle, understanding Trident topology for failure handling, process and call log analysis topology for analyzing call logs for calls made from one number to another.

Understanding of Trident spouts and its different types, various Trident spout interface and components, familiarizing with Trident filter, aggregator and functions and a practical and hands-on use case on solving call log problem using Storm Trident

Various components, classes and interfaces in Storm like Base Rich Bolt Class, i RichBolt Interface, i RichSpout Interface and Base Rich Spout Class and various methodologies of working with them.

Understanding Cassandra, its core concepts, its strengths and deployment.

Twitter Boot Stripping, detailed understanding of Boot Stripping, concepts of Storm, Storm development environment.

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Apache Storm Projects

What projects I will be working on this Apache Storm training?

Topics: In this project, you will be working on call logs to decipher the data and gather valuable insights using Apache Storm Trident. You will extensively work with data about calls made from one number to another. The aim of this project is to resolve the call log issues with Trident stream processing and low latency distributed querying. You will gain hands-on experience in working with Spouts and Bolts, along with various Trident functions, filters, aggregation, joins and grouping.

Project 2: Twitter Data Analysis Using Trident

Topics: This is a project that involves working with Twitter data and processing it to extract patterns out of it. The Apache Storm Trident is the perfect framework for the real-time analysis of tweets. While working with Trident, you will be able to simplify the task of live Twitter feed analysis. In this project, you will gain real-world experience of working with Spouts, Bolts and Trident filters, joins, aggregation, functions and grouping.

Project 3: The US Presidential Election Results Analysis Using Trident DRPC Query

Topics: This is a project that lets you work on the US presidential election results and predict who is leading and trailing on a real-time basis. For this, you exclusively work with Trident distributed remote procedure call server. After the completion of the project, you will learn how to access data residing in a remote computer or network and deploy it for real-time processing, analysis and prediction.

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Apache Storm Certification

This course is designed for clearing the Intellipaat Storm Certification exam. The entire training course content is designed by industry professionals in order to help you get the best jobs in top MNCs. As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.

At the end of this training program, there will be quizzes that perfectly reflect the type of questions asked in the respective certification exams and help you score better marks.

The certification will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after expert review) and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the quiz. Intellipaat certification is well recognized in top 80+ MNCs like Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, Sony, Mu Sigma, Saint-Gobain, Standard Chartered, TCS, Genpact, Hexaware, etc.

Our Alumni works at top 3000+ companies

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Apache Storm Training Reviews


Mr Yoga


John Chioles




Dileep & Ajay

Suman Gajavelly

CTO | bitsIO - Splunk Experts

Intellipaat is the perfect website to get into new technologies and have a hint of the main and newest projects around technology.

Kunal Sharma

Senior Big Data Analyst at Accenture

Dear all, Intellipaat Apache Storm Training is nicely split in small parts well suitable for learning, even with short time slots available. I appreciate the availability of videos and transcript for each training session.

Praveen Chaudhary

Senior Consultant at Atos Syntel

The course has a good hands-on activity! I met with an expert in this field, who is good at the subject matter.

Monika Kadel

Big data Developer at Amdocs

You have been extremely helpful for making me understand all demanding Big Data technologies at one place.

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