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Cloudera Hadoop Certification for Developer & Administration (CCDH-CCAH)

Hadoop Certification

Beyond the technical learning benefits of training courses, Intellipaat prepares you for Professional Certification Exams. While building career in Big Data, professionals require demonstrating their expertise with the tools and techniques of Hadoop.

Hadoop Certification is the most recognized Big Data credential for professionals aiming to advance their careers. Most organizations give preference to candidates who are skilled and also certified for Hadoop. The Hadoop Certification is designed to provide individuals an opportunity to prove their Hadoop skills that are recognized by the industry standards and considered meaningful and relevant to on-the-job performance. The professionals and learners can get certified by performing tasks on a live Hadoop cluster.

There are primarily two Hadoop Certifications:

  • Certified Developer for Hadoop (CDH) – for Hadoop developers using frameworks like Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume and are proficient to write, manage, and improve Apache Hadoop development projects.
  • Certified Administrator for Hadoop (CAH) – for administrators who deploy and manage Hadoop clustersandpossess core Systems Administrator skills that the companies and organizations deploy for Apache Hadoop.

Career Advantages of Hadoop Certification

Since there is no doubt that each industry today is embracing a Big Data strategy to analyze, manage, store and transfer data in the organizations.

  • Most IT companies are looking to increase their credibility by hiring trained Hadoop Certified individuals across the globe.
  • The Certification is a recognized proof of your capability of handling and managing zettabytes of data and adding reliability to your job profile.
  • You only receive the Certification if you score distinction in the exam and thus, it holds a considerable value in the industry.
  • Helpful for professionals who are looking for career advancement at a bigger and faster rate.
  • It also verifies that you up-to-date with the top niche technologies.
  • The Certification is a testimony of the hands-on knowledge you possess about Hadoop, Big Data and related, indicating you to be a valuable and productive resource for the company from Day 1.

Who is the Right Candidate to get certified?

Speaking of Hadoop, it is a complex, technical and challenging technology to learn on one’s own. This is the reason why Hadoop and Big Data training courses are becoming popular lately. For professionals to get CDH and CAH Certification, they need to have sound knowledge and worked on assignments, exercises and project work related to Hadoop.

Since these certifications are only provided to candidates scoring a distinction in the Certification exams, it is imperative for individuals to have a thorough knowledge about Hadoop, its Architecture, Implementation and related technologies.

Cloudera Certification

Cloudera stands as the leader in Big Data that provides Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services, and certifications to business customers. The certifications for Hadoop includeCloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)and Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH). These certifications are the biggest endorsements assuring that an individual is the highest qualified Hadoop practitioner.

Further, Hortonworks and MapR are other recognized business computer software enterprises that provide the aforementioned certifications for Hadoop.

Courses at Intellipaat

Learning through hands-on exercises, assignments and project work, Intellipaat provides several high-quality training courses on Hadoop and Big Data that prepare learners for Cloudera Certification: CCAH and CCDH.

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