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Could someone tell who exactly is a Data Scientist and what are the skillsets required to pursue a career as a Data Scientist?

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While there are certain skill sets that qualify you to become a Data Science expert, you don’t necessarily need to be from a technical background to get into the domain; nor is there a fixed path to take for a career in Data Science. 

First and foremost, if you are passionate about it, you will truly understand the essence and value of Data Science. As for the learning part, here are some of the required skills that a Data Science expert is expected to possess:

You can start with any of the skills above. If you have no prior experience, Python is a good way to start as it is a very easy language to learn! 

You can even opt for a certification if you are serious about Data Science professionally. Credible and reliable training programs will ensure that you cover all the necessary modules and skills that industries ask for like:

  • Data Exploration
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees and Random Forest
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Association Rule Mining and Recommendation Engines

You can master all of the above from Intellipaat’s Data Science online course. Make sure to contact the course advisors to find something that is tailored for you.

This will get you started and cover all the fundamentals for you: 

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