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I'm currently trying to figure out what the appropriate number of workers is for each Amazon Instance Type. I used to run one Gunicorn worker, however that proved to be quite slow.

Many developers are currently using this formula to gauge how many workers would be suitable:

NUM_WORKERS=3  #recommended formula here is 1 + 2 * NUM_CORES

The problem I'm having is that Amazon isn't quite clear as to the number of cores each instance is running. For example, an M1 Small Instance has 1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit)

What does that essentially mean? That it has one core? or that it has two cores?

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A simple one-liner solution to return the number of CPU cores:

gunicorn --workers=$((2 * $(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN) + 1)) wsgi:application

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