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What do you consider the most significant progress/breakthroughs in real-world applications of present-day AI research? (including, but not limited to: machine learning, statistical data processing, and other disciplines spun off from AI).

Please spare/do not want: ramblings about AI winters/disappointment;

Do want links and pointers to concrete real-world applications.

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Throughout the last century, AI has moved out of the domain of science fiction and into the real world. The theory and the fundamental computer science which makes it possible has been around for decades. The most significant present-day AI developments are that real-world consumer applications actually utilize AI routinely today. It has become common and is not just mere curiosity about academic research and special applications any more like it was ten years ago. Some examples:

  • Speech and text recognition (e.g. smartphones).

  • Face recognition in digital cameras.

  • Search engines.

  • Email spam filtering.

  • Automatic gearboxes of cars.

  • Games.

For more information about Recent Developments in AI, refer to the following link:

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