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i  know that AAE 10.5 is not supported on windows 10, just on windows 7, and some of the features may not work properly. But I have a big problem with clicking one button. I have written Bot with 4 different options for clicking one (crucial) button on web application.

So my tries are below:enter image description here

This one (MWC) works on windows 10 but do not on windows 7.

enter image description here

This one is as well working on windows 10 and do not on windows 7 (I have tried both option for window and screen)

btw. I know it's dummy to use mouse clicks like that but i was desperate

And now what is interesting and very confusing for me:

enter image description here

Web recorder works only on window 7 and it has to be created on windows 7. It doesn't work on windows 7 if it's created on windows 10. And on window 10 is not working independently if it's created on windows 10 or windows 7.

enter image description here

And the best for the end Object cloning prepared on windows 10 is not working neither on windows 10 nor windows 7. But prepared on windows 7 works on windows 7 and occasionally works on windows 10.

Can someone explain what may be the reason and if there is any other way to click on button on web application than those 4 mentioned above.

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I would suggest you use Object cloning command   Object cloning for AAE Client(10.5) works well if your BotCreator and Bot Runner is on Windows 7

you can also this code to make it work.

enter image description here

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