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Please have a look at my issue. I am using hyperledger fabric 1.2. I am exploring ACL at the time of channel creation. I just copied the default Writers Policy and rename it with PankajPolicy and put it into the Channel. Application in configtx.yaml.

Now the issue is that I just replaced peer/Propose: /Channel/Application/Writers With PankajPolicy in peer/Propose: /Channel/Application/PankajPoilicy. For complete configtx.yaml 

When i create genesis block with this and trying to create the channel evrything goes fine .But at the time of query am getting error

Error: error endorsing query: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed evaluating policy on signed data during check policy [/Channel/Application/PankajPoilicy]: [policy /Channel/Application/PankajPoilicy not found] - proposal response: <nil>

Instead, if something is wrong then it should stop on write operation means at the time of peer chaincode instantiate.

Thanks in advance !!!Thanks in advance !!!

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Your custom defined policy will be accessible on this path /Channel/<PolicyName>

Please use this peer/Propose: /Channel/PankajPoilicy instead of this  peer/Propose: /Channel/Application/PankajPoilicy

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