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Is there a function in R to display large numbers separated with commas?

i.e., from 1000000 to 1,000,000.

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You can use the format or prettyNum function to represent numbers with commas as follows:


[1] "13,579.25"


[1] "13,579.25"

To avoid the padding of printed strings with blank, use the following:

format(c(123,1234),big.mark=",", ) #with padding

[1] "  123" "1,234"

> format(c(123,1234),big.mark=",", trim=TRUE) #without padding

[1] "123"   "1,234"

Similarly in prettyNum

prettyNum(c(123,1234),big.mark=",", preserve.width="none")

[1] "123"   "1,234"

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