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Clojure has a "->" macro which inserts each expression recursively as the first argument of the next expression.

This means that I could write:

(-> arg f1 f2 f3)

and it behaves like (shell piping):


I would like to do this in Python; however, searching seems to be a nightmare! I couldn't search for "->", and neither could I search for Python function threading!

Is there a way to overload, say, the | operator so that I could write this in Python?

arg | f1 | f2 | f3


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Try this: 

def compose(current_value, *args):

    for func in args:

        current_value = func(current_value)

    return current_value

def double(n):

    return 2*n

print compose(5, double, double) # prints 20

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