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I want to add rows to a Tableau text table without making the row a subset of the previous row. Using the example below, I want values for teams and status to display on separate rows rather than status appearing as a subset of the team. I also want to add a team filter so that if I filter on team blue, values for a green row are zero and status values update. Is this possible? I tried creating separate worksheets but keeping things aligned is problematic.

Example Data:

Example Data

Desired text table:

enter image description here

What I don't want:

enter image description here

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  • Select both the fields team and status simultaneously then right click and go to Transform > Pivot.

  • Then 2 Dimensions will be created. Drag the Pivot Field Values on to Rows section and Year on to Columns section and keep Year in Discrete format.

  • Now, drag Number of Records on to value field section.

  • Before Pivot:

enter image description here


  • After Pivot and final viz: 

enter image description here

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