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I am using the Blueprism Surface Automation training applicationApp1App2, and i want to find account using last name as search filter. Here i got multiple matches and want to select one result based on the first name Result_image. How to do that? Any suggestions.

Meanwhile i was trying this, Tried using accessibility mode where i select the first name once and then just change the y coordinate of the region and read the value, but i can't find any option to do that. There is one option Movable, but not sure how to use that.

Any other approach is welcome.

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i will ask you to this is by  to have dynamic region, that will ask for "Start Y", "End Y", "Start X", "End X" parameters. That way, you can specify the parameters for that object and move it as you with. Then using a loop and basic math you can move that region to the next field in table.

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