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This should be a simple solution, but I attached some pictures to help explain.

I have a database of candidates who were spoken to at University campus career fairs. Each candidate has a rating (0-4) that the recruiter assigns the candidate based on their conversation.

I want a simple bar graph showing the number of records (candidates) spoken to at each university, and colors to show how many of each rating number there are.

I have:

Columns: CNT (Number of Records)

Rows: School Name

Color: Rating

The graph works perfectly before I apply any filters:

Before Filter

However, I want the dashboard only to display universities where 100+ candidates were spoken to. Essentially, I want to cut off the bottom universities from the display.

When I add a "number of records" filter to the worksheet, it only shows me universities with 100+ candidates with the same rating. Thus, instead of showing me the schools with 100+ candidates and their ratings based on color, it just shows me the (very few) schools that have 100+ students with the same rating.

Graph after I apply the filter:

After Filter How can I make sure the filter is being applied before the color dimension?

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  • You can create your Filter based on the University field, and use the condition tab to specify your criteria

  • Else You can also use the top tab to limit the number of universities

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