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I am a newbie in spark and trying to find out some commands in sparksql while using python. Can anyone tell what is the main difference between these two commands :
createOrReplaceTempView() Vs registerTempTable(). Their functionalities seem to be the same.

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createOrReplaceTempView and registerTempTable both performs the same function.

createOrReplaceTempView was introduced as a replacement for registerTempTable in Spark 2.0
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Hi @kavita as @Shivangi said the functionalities of both the methods are same.

If you open this

do ctrl+f and

type registerTempTable then you will see it is depreciated in 2.0 and use createOrReplaceTempView instead.

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createOrReplaceTempView() creates/replaces a local temp view with the dataframe provided. A lifetime of this view is dependent on SparkSession class, if you want to drop this view :


createGlobalTempView() creates a global temporary view with the dataframe provided. A lifetime of this view is dependent to spark application itself. If you want to drop :


For more information regarding the same, refer the following video: 

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